Data Jam Winners

The South Seneca fifth graders who recently participated in the Great Lakes Data Jam the other week came out big winners.

The event challenged students to analyze local data to identify trends and patterns, answer questions about their findings, do research, and share their findings in a scientific report. The four South Seneca students who worked on the claymation and acrostic to win the grand prize at the Great Lakes Data Jam Competition were:

  • Gannon Griffith

  • Lacey Clark

  • Isabella Travis

  • Makaila McLaughlin

They won $200 and are required to split it equally. The team of four said: 

“We tried our best to come up with a way that tells people who do not know, about what happened to the bald eagle and osprey populations in New York.”

Their teacher, fifth grade science and social studies teacher Liz McCheyne, added: 

“I am very proud of these students and their hard work and creativity. This was a great opportunity for students to work with authentic data collected by scientists and to go through the process of visualizing and interpreting data.”