South Seneca Great Lakes Data Jam

South Seneca fifth graders participated in the Great Lakes Data Jam last week. Each student analyzed local data to identify trends and patterns, asked questions about their findings, did some research, and shared their findings in a scientific report. Some students also communicated their findings in creative ways that engage and inform a larger audience. 

These projects took many forms, from board games and posters to infographics, songs, poems, and short videos, according to fifth grade science and social studies teacher Liz McCheyne. 

Last week was the submission deadline for the Great Lakes Data Jam! Twenty-two students submitted 11 projects ranging from posters to ABC picture books, slide shows, songs about DDT, and board games. 

Some of these were group projects and some were from individuals. Students were supported by Mr. Dufour, Ms. Jensen, as well as receiving help from Ms. Braun and Ms. Lutter, and Mrs. McCheyne in the library with research, music and art elements of their projects. Candace Cornell, a retired scientist from Cornell's Lab of Ornithology, also generously volunteered her time to come to Interlaken to talk to the students and answer questions about bald eagles and osprey (her special interest) around Cayuga Lake.

Projects were presented in a video format and were uploaded along with graphs and reports. 

 Students enjoyed the entire process – and several teachers and aides commented on how nice it was to see kids so engaged and excited about the content.