SEL training

Earlier this week, South Seneca Elementary faculty members met to participate in a specialized training for social and emotional learning ahead of the holiday season. The training was hosted by two South Seneca Elementary team members, Laura Rundell and Amber Wright. 

The presentation was focused on learning new ways to understand the challenges that students and their families may encounter during the holiday season and learning the best ways to support them. Social- Emotional Learning, or SEL, is an important aspect for staff and students to gain and share resources on how to steer through academics during their school days. The presentation shared a mindset that adults, including educators and staff, may forget about the challenges that students face on a daily basis, and how anxiety may increase as the holiday season draws nearer. 

One of the presentation leaders, Amber Wright, explains the importance of SEL training and why South Seneca Elementary values communication, support, and transparency throughout the entire year. 

"Some students and their families may be navigating through addiction, incarceration, health issues, separation or divorce, or maybe family members are not available during breaks and holidays due to work or illness. Our goal with sharing these views with staff is that they would take this opportunity to recognize that not all of our students look forward to time away from school for breaks and holidays. We are preparing ourselves to be the best support system we can for all of our students and that includes before, during, and after breaks from school." 

- Amber Wright.

The presentation tied into the mission and values of South Seneca. Central School District in that our community of educators are committed to a comprehensive system of social, emotional, and academic support. We are here to offer support to our students, families, and community throughout the year and especially during the holiday season.