OVID, NY – More than 300 students in grades K-5 participated in South Seneca School District’s 2ND Annual Fun Run, earning nearly $4,000 in donations. 

The fundraising event is a collaborative effort hosted by the student council and Physical Education department, focused around recognizing the benefits of physical health and overall wellness for a worthy cause. 

“The Fun Run benefits the student council and every student who participates,” said Asa McMahon, PE Teacher for South Seneca. “A portion of the funds raised are used for field trips, playground equipment, and things like renting a bounce house on Field Days. It also goes towards the student council and events they host throughout the year.”

To participate, students decide on a cause and then hit the track collecting bracelets with pictures of their favorite movie or entertainment character on them for each lap they run. Most students were able to run a full mile by collecting 8 bracelets. 

“Some even got close to 20 laps during their 30-minute class,” said McMahon. “I was very impressed by the commitment and energy the students put towards their causes. You can tell it really gives them a sense of pride for helping our school community.”

The Fun Run will continue next year with full support from the school and its planning committee. “This was a team effort so we would like to thank all of the school families that donated funds and the students themselves for running and participating in the event,” said McMahon.

Until next year, those involved will relish their fondest memories of the event – the students’ enjoyment. 

"I can't thank our Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Lawrence and our Physical Education teachers, Mr. McMahon and Mr. Marrella enough for working together once again for what is now an annual event in our school!  Putting the student's ideas into action resulting in such a physically active and healthy day for our kids, while raising money to improve our school in a variety of areas.  I really can't think of anything better than that!" said South Seneca Elementary Principal Adam Rundell.