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SS Elementary hosts Art Walk in lieu of Open House 

Pre-K families view classrooms for the first time since 2020 thanks to creative group of teachers 

OVID, NY - There is no doubt that working with four-year-olds requires its own set of special skills.

The ability to be creative, resilient, and adaptable are among the many that come to mind when describing the Pre-K Team at South Seneca Elementary,  and it's those same skills that helped conceptualize a COVID-era parent's dream -- the ability to see the inside of their child's classroom. 

"Last year, we were still under extremely strict COVID restrictions, so we worked really hard this year to do something special for the students and their parents," said Deborah Moon, Pre-K teacher at South Seneca Elementary School. "The students love showing off their art projects, and it was so nice to have parents finally meeting other parents and seeing the classroom for the first time." 

Instead of a traditional open house where parents are invited inside the classroom to view student work and meet teachers, the Pre-K Team hosted an Art Walk. The outdoor, open-aired event consisted of utilizing the windows, which border the classroom, as a backdrop for carefully curated pieces of student art. Parents and students were invited to walk along the windows and peer into the classroom. Some teachers met with parents outside and narrated the walking art tour while others waved and engaged through glass windows from inside the classroom. 

 "Many of the parents mentioned how happy they were to finally see the classroom, even if it was from the outside," said Moon.  

With its recent success, the Pre-K Team is now discussing the idea of a Spring Art Walk.

"This was a very creative, safe, well-planned event, and the turnout was excellent. I hope they do it again next year for kindergarten," said a Pre-K parent.