Do you ever find yourself hanging around Ovid, NY in the depths of winter thinking how nice it would be for a change of scenery? You aren’t the only one.

Thanks to South Seneca Central School District’s Yorkers Club, a group of select students was able to do more than imagine this past February break. Led by educators Jody Gale and Rob Hermanet, a group of high schoolers made their way to Italy, making stops in Venice, Verona, Florence, and Rome.

It’s safe to say the trip was nothing short of amazing.

“Everyone enjoyed hiking and exploring the cities in depth with the tour guides,” Jody and Rob said. “The food was amazing the entire time: gelato, cappuccinos, pizza, and all types of pasta. Students made lots of connections between their classroom history studies and the real-world experiences provided by the visit, from ancient Roman architecture and artifacts to literary references of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the Italian poet Dante Alighieri.”

While the trip was great, Rob and Jody admitted that it was also exhausting, and credited their accompanying students for keeping their focus and energy levels up.

“The days were very full with travel, museum visits, walking and eating,” they said. “Activities were scheduled from 8 AM to 9 PM every day and we had to keep our energy up, maintaining patience with the process. It was wonderful how all the students all got along so well, and helped each other so easily. It was an amazing team effort.”

Highlights of the trip included “wandering around on the cobblestoned roads in the cities, especially Verona and seeing Romeo and Juliet's balcony, and obviously shopping all over Florence and Rome,” Jody and Rob added.

They were also quick to add how such a trip was even feasible in the first place.

“The club had support from the previous Yorkers Club Leaders (Mrs. Sanchez and Ms. Cardoso) and school administration,” they said. “Personal prior travel experience by both of us (the new advisers) was also helpful. Of course, the travel agency had many of the trip details planned out in advance.”

Students on the trip said they made memories for a lifetime. Students who made the trip included: Jacob Borst, Samantha Barkee, Brooklyn Ovenshire, Vyvynn Powell, Avery Cupp, Marigold McCabe-Angell, Chelsea Neville, Victoria Thompson, Aven Bower, Nolan Mitchell, Kjerstin Grace, Brooke Butler, Madison Booth, Grayson Booth, Kara Siurano, and Tajade Amisano

“It was a trip filled with beautiful scenery, buildings, and art with impressive Italian food and cultural experiences that brought you back to historical Italy,” Chelsea Neville said.

“I got lots of new memories and really enjoyed seeing places different from where I live,” Madison Booth said. “The most memorable part of my trip was probably just seeing everything for the first time and realizing how different and beautiful it was.”

The Yorkers Club leaders will pick next year’s destination in the coming weeks.