Be An Upstander:
Kicking off the new school year, South Seneca Central School had  guest speaker, Mike Speirs. talked with the entire student body about the importance ... more >>

Sixth Grade Orientation:
Keeping with tradition, the  South Seneca Middle School 6th Grade Team invited the recently minted middle schoolers and their families to an orientation ... more >>

Catered Snacks:
The Elementary School is offering catered snacks for all grades. Please click on the Elementary Snack link to access a copy of the order sheet. Payment ... more >>

Mr. Stephen Parker Zielinski, Superintendent

Welcome to the South Seneca Central School District website! As you explore, please know that our hope is to make this site as accessible and easy to use as possible. If you have specific feedback to give, don’t hesitate to call, or send me an email at
We are extremely proud of the work we do here, but at the same time, we are consistently confronted by the challenges. If you are visiting, chances are you have a personal interest in at least one of our students, and we want you to know that nothing is more important to us than assuring that each one of our students is making measurable progress toward academic and personal goals. Please hold us to that standard! It is captured in our Mission Statement, and it guides every bit of the work we do.
On the website itself, use the top menu to find District Information like newsletters, policies, and district documents. Search each school individually for updates on what is going on. Notice the upper right corner of the home page for links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Take a look at the Departments section for specific information related to the various branches of the District. We've recently added some links to teacher websites on the Staff Directory page (under District Info above). 
Finally, if you feel you can, please help advocate for us when it comes to decision makers in Albany and Washington. There are huge advantages to living where we do—the Finger Lakes Region is as beautiful as any place on Earth!—but being a small rural school district in New York State also means we are too easy for the lawmakers to overlook. The inequality in our state’s funding for schools means that with almost every calculation, Albany’s unfair and outdated formulas result in South Seneca being underfunded compared to the tax dollars we send each year to the capital. Students in more populous areas of NYS should not get an unfair advantage over students in Seneca County! Let our legislators know they need to make sure it doesn’t continue!

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