An Annual Central School district meeting was held in Ovid
concerning purchases including school bus prices.
It also concerned the act upon the annual school budget.

A flyer concerning the first dance of the 1937 school year.

Back to school clothing sale for 1937 school year.

Has school program 1937-38. the desks, back backboards and other
school equipment were moved from the Grange Hall and placed in the
school building on Friday and Saturday.The weeds cut on playground.
The lawn was mowed last week. Schedules of classes have been
arranged and printed. A new individual type of report card will be issued this year.

There was only three cases of measles reported in the district.
The large framed picture of the class of 1937 came on Tuesday
and has been turned over to Mr.Linton. The class of 1938 also received
their pictures as well as a group picture. The homemaking girls are working
on costumes for a event on Friday June 24th. Pictures of the prize winners
in the homemaking style show were in the nearby dailies.

Bells have been installed boys and PE

Ovids first JV basketball team.The team had twelve players,
one player had an eye patch.

Estimated expenditures Total Estimated Expenditures $96,040.00
Total Estimated Total Estimated Receipts $72,961.00
Amount to be raised by tax 23,079.00.

Elementary school principal Ray VanCuyck said he is asking for an
additional 20,000to start summer school for Elementary school students
from July-August. VanCuyck hopes that the money could be used to hire
an additional 12 teachers, bringing the total summer teaching staff to 14.
VanCuyck said around 10 students would receive remedial assistance
brought on by the tougher state standards. The program could handle
up to 14 students. This is just an idea that is being taken into consideration.
Final word on the program would come in April when the school budget
process nears its final stages. The principal of the high school Paul Ahrens
said that the upcoming summer school would be the last conjunction with
Trumansburg. Ahrens said joining other Seneca County schools would
provide the students with more opportunities and a wider schedule.
Part of the summer school program would be a review on
regents examinations. The only concern is transportation costs.

24 Ovid High school seniors of '38

School will open on Tuesday, September 7.
Supervisors Vote to Borrow $47,500.
Principal sets Time for consultation With Students.