Family Navigator Partnership

What is a Family Navigator?

A Family Navigator is a warm, caring person who has raised a child with social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges. They are ready to "pay it forward," and help other parents who may need support and a listening ear.

Family Navigators are employed, trained and supervised by Racker Centers' staff.

Contact Family Navigator: email tinah@racker.org text 607-793-0969

As we plan for September and the uncertainties of the coming school year, we will continue to be available to provide support to you over the summer. Please take a moment to watch the brief videos we’ve included below. The first video is a message about summer supports and the second video is a general introduction to our role as a Family Navigators. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time and happy summer!

Family Navigators -June Family Message
Family Navigators -Intro for Families

Contact Family Navigator: email tinah@racker.org text 607-793-0969


Family Navigator Information

Family Navigator FAQs

Coffee, Conversation, Connection: A facilitated conversation for parents