We will be holding both our morning Zoom and evening on Thursday (8/27/20) of this week. Feel free to pick one or come to both if you'd like! We will be listening to a podcast called, "Feeling Anxious? Here's a Quick Tool to Center Your Soul". I'm including the Zoom links below. Contact us for the Zoom code and please invite anyone who you think might be interested in attending...all are welcome!

What is a Family Navigator?

A Family Navigator is a warm, caring person who has raised a child with social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges. They are ready to "pay it forward," and help other parents who may need support and a listening ear.

Family Navigators are employed, trained and supervised by Racker Centers' staff.

Contact Family Navigator: email text 607-793-0969

As we plan for September and the uncertainties of the coming school year, we will continue to be available to provide support to you over the summer. Please take a moment to watch the brief videos we’ve included below. The first video is a message about summer supports and the second video is a general introduction to our role as a Family Navigators. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time and happy summer!

Family Navigators -June Family Message
Family Navigators -Intro for Families

Contact Family Navigator: email text 607-793-0969