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To comply with the New York State mandate that we do a daily screener for those in the building, South Seneca has partnered with Cayuga Health to make use of their screener tool. Please understand that the district did not develop this tool, and that we are simply contracting with them to use it for our community.

Families of students will receive an email from the system directing them to a brief registration process. After that, you will receive an email each day with a unique link to use to complete the screener. Many of you may have already received that first email for the registration.

You only need to complete the assessment on days that your child will be in school. Please disregard the email on all other days. If you receive the email the night before school and fill it out, please do not repeat the process a second time before school. You do one screening for each day of your child’s attendance. It is best to get in the habit of doing the screening in the morning each school day.

One of the questions each day is to report your child’s temperature. If you don’t have a thermometer and need one, please reach out to us.

Depending on your answers to the 6 daily health screening questions, you get a “green” or “red” status. Green means your child is clear to come in.  If your child screens “red” they won’t be permitted to be on campus that day, and the system prompts you to schedule a telemedicine visit with Cayuga Health Provider for an assessment and further instructions.

Please note: one tip we’ve discovered as we’ve piloted the system with staff: do not respond to the prompt that says “I am not a robot” until after you’ve answered the screening questions. Again—we don’t program this tool, so we can’t modify this feature.

One other important point: the registration is for each student, and not the parent. If a parent plans to come to a building, he or she would be screened when they enter, just like a visitor or a vendor will be.

If South Seneca does not have an email on file for your child, you will need to call 607-319-5800 daily to complete the health assessment before your child can come to school. All of this information will also be available to you in writing.

Anyone who doesn’t do the screening ahead of time will be asked to do it when the child arrives. We need to have 100% of the people in the building screened each day.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our schools will require that every single one of us do everything we can. Thank you for helping to keep our campus community safe.

View a Screener Tutorial video here.