Public Notice: Full Remote Instruction for Nov 30-Dec 4

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we are monitoring the health and safety of twelve students and five staff members currently under quarantine, while we are also aware of about two dozen family members of staff or students in the same circumstance. As many of our neighboring districts have experienced, the contact tracing process for even one positive COVID-19 case in our schools can result in dozens of quarantines, for individuals who have not violated any safety measure themselves.

When groups of staff and students are forced to quarantine at home for two weeks, it creates a substantial disruption to each of their own lives, and to the school program.

In the month of November alone, Seneca County has seen more than 100 new cases of COVID, and there is a reasonable concern that those numbers may spike in the period immediately following the holiday. As a precautionary measure designed to prevent potential large numbers of quarantines into December, South Seneca will shift to a temporary fully remote model for instruction in the week after Thanksgiving, November 30 through December 4.

Students should prepare for the week as a school week, and not as an extension of the vacation. Teachers will be in touch to arrange a class schedule.

We understand that being fully remote can pose a burden on working families, and we encourage those with concerns to reach out to our offices for help. This measure is intended to prevent an even longer burden, as families in quarantine have communicated to us. If the numbers of positive cases and widespread quarantines were to reach a critical threshold, the shift to remote learning could keep us out of the buildings for weeks at a time, which is what we’d like to avoid.

We urge our community to continue to follow all guidelines for staying safe, and we wish full recovery for those having already tested positive.

Stephen Parker Zielinski

Click this link for a PDF of this notice: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1014343/2020_1119_Announce_for_After_Thanksgiving.pdf