We are a rural community in the finger lakes region of New York state. The communities that make up the South Seneca School District are located within approximately one hundred and fifty square miles of picturesque countryside.

Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes, SSCS is proud of its heritage. On May 1, 1968, voters approved the merger of the Interlaken and Ovid Central Schools to form South Seneca Central School District. Since that time, the school district has expanded greatly to meet the educational needs of the children of this area.

The mission of South Seneca Central School District is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every student reaches a high level of academic achievement as determined by state and national standards. We commit to a comprehensive system of social, emotional, and academic support to assure this outcome.


Please ask legislators to remember South Seneca when setting annual state budgets; we simply ask that state aid is funded fairly so that high needs districts like South Seneca are not negatively impacted by unequal and outdated distribution formulas.

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STEPS program:
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