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Elementary School Class Visited by University Student from Japan

Mrs. Perry’s 2nd grade class has had a chance to spend time learning from Miharu Suda, a student from Tokyo Gakugei University, while she visited America.
Miharu is studying in Japan to be an English teacher, and has been using her summer break between semesters to teach and learn from students at South Seneca Elementary.
To coincide with Miharu’s visit, Mrs. Perry incorporated activities and curriculum inspired by Japanese culture into her class’s lesson plan. With Miharu’s help the students made origami animals, learned some basic Japanese vocabulary and learned about life in Japan.
"These three weeks are a very precious time for me,” Miharu said. “I can now know how to teach children in 2nd Grade in America. I can also understand the difference between children in Japan and America. I thank Mrs. Perry and her students in her classroom from the bottom of my heart!"
Mrs. Perry first met Miharu’s family when she was living in Japan as part of a Youth For Understanding exchange program. The two families have maintained a relationship since then, which gave Miharu this chance to spend time in this region.
“These three weeks that Miharu has been here will be unforgettable to my students, family and myself,” Mrs. Perry said. “Miharu has taught my students many values in her short time here, including kindness and respect.  And in return, my students have helped strengthen Miharu's knowledge of our English language.”
At the end of September Miharu will return to her studies in Japan.