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Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre

Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre Visits South Seneca
The Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre travelled to South Seneca Elementary school to perform for fourth-grade classes a presentation titled “There Once Was a Longhouse.”
With a scale replica of a Haudenosaunee longhouse for a set, the performance is designed to educate students about the culture and life of the Iroquois people. Using a mixture of performance, participation and games the students are directly engaged, which kept the presentation lively and exciting.
The kids had a great time listening to traditional Haudenosaunee stories and learning about their culture. Seated at campfires representing the five nations of the Iroquois, the students participated in a number of activities based on Iroquois tradition, including a hunting game that had everyone in the room laughing.
The production was designed with authenticity in mind, not just fun. The set, costumes and the performance were intended to be as accurate to the real-life inspiration as possible. After the performance the actors – Mike Brennan, Nate Stahlke and Molly Siskin – took questions from the audience, telling more about their costumes, the stories and explaining how with a bit of stagecraft helped make it look like they had ground an entire bowl of corn in just a few moments.
The show was closed with a performer saying “May the Great Spirit guide you as you travel your path through life.”