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Mock Crash Event

Mock crash teaches South Seneca students about the dangers of distracted driving.

An educational collaboration between the South Seneca Central School District and area first responders provided students with a sobering lesson on distracted driving in advance of the summer season.

Students watched as a mock accident scene unfolded near the tennis courts at South Seneca Middle/High School. Law enforcement personnel, paramedics, firefighters and a Life Net helicopter responded to the scene of the mock two-vehicle crash. As the scenario played out, emergency crews navigated through broken glass to pull victims from the wreck. Some were transported by ambulance, while the most seriously injured was taken to a trauma center via helicopter. The driver who caused the crash was evaluated at the scene and taken into police custody for being impaired behind the wheel.
“If we can get you to think while you’re behind the wheel, it could save your life and someone else’s life,” said South Seneca Middle/High School Principal Tim Houseknecht. “Think before you act.”

Although the event was a mock crash, the emergency crews who participated in the event said they witness the real-life impact of distracted driving when they are dispatched to accident scenes. For Ovid firefighter Greg Ganoung, this is an all-too-real scenario in his line of work.
“Deaths have gone up with texting while driving,” Ganoung said. “It’s not just drunk driving. Distracted driving is terrible. It’s really important that you’re paying attention while you’re driving. You can change someone’s life in just one second.”