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Be An Upstander

Kicking off the new school year, South Seneca Central School had  guest speaker, Mike Speirs. talked with the entire student body about the importance of preventing  bullying by standing up and speaking out. The message was to be an upstander not a bystander for yourself and others. Mr. Speirs wanted the students to realize that their actions affect others good or bad and they can not do anything about the consequences. What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular. It is important to take a stand, be better.


Mr. Speirs is a comedian and former middle school teacher. He used relatable real life stories explaining how bullying happens and explained the  four types of bullying: verbal- name calling, cyber- happens on social media, physical- hitting, and social- rumors, lies and excluding. For more information www.mikespeirspresents.weebly.com.

 Mr. Mike Speirs interacting with Seneca Elementary students
during the anti-bullying assembly. The students were answering
questions regarding types of bullying.


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