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What is Yorkers?  And How do I Join?

The South Seneca Yorkers Club provides an opportunity for students to experience overseas travel and broaden their cultural horizons.   The travel destination is voted on by the students in the club who plan to travel the following year.   Travel will be done during April break each year.
Yorkers Club has selected Explorica as our educational travel company.  They are wonderful at selecting guides that are native of the country we are visiting. These guides stay with us 24/7 while we are traveling.  Explorica guides are great with students. They know how to find interesting activities that the students enjoy learning about. Students come back from each trip seeing the world with a different perspective. Our guided tours are combined with other schools. This gives our students the chance to meet people not only from other countries but different schools within our own country as well.
Joining the club is easy.  Since there are multiple fundraising opportunities involved, each student needs to have a signed fundraising permission slip signed by a parent or guardian.  See Mrs. Sánchez to get one. After that, the student is welcome to participate in any or all of the fundraising activities that Yorkers Club offers.