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South Seneca Yorkers Club

DESTINATION 2018:         Central European Cities (Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest)
See "Current Trip" section for more details and registration info.


Yorkers Club Educational Goals
The Yorkers Club mission is to break down the barriers that exist between cultures today and to help make a student not just an American, but also a Global Citizen. We do this by education through travel and cultural exchanges. We believe that one of the best ways that a student can learn is by firsthand experience.  Students appreciate the benefits of world travel which fosters independence and responsibility.
Students will demonstrate awareness for the world, themselves and other cultures by beginning to understand and experience different beliefs, ways of living and other value systems.
Crossing culture is not easy and for students to be able to see and experience another culture is a great learning tool. Traveling with Yorkers Club will help them to respect and understand the differences in other people’s ways of living.
Students will connect classroom to world by using NYS learning standards.
Be a Yorker. See the World.  Visit our photo page!

Mission Statement

To help break down the barriers that exist between cultures today, and make a student not just an American but also a Global Citizen.
Student Objective
 Students will increase their understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity on this planet. Political, economic, religious, and cultural perspectives will be enriched through firsthand experience linked with what students have studied in various history, economics, government, foreign language and art classes.
Students will be a part of planning and creating personalized projects and lessons for other classes and students to utilize.


   Michelle Cardoso
Michelle has been with the South Seneca School District since 2011. She is the School Psychologist in the MS/HS bldg. She enjoys teaching students the benefits of travel and a truly global education.
Michelle can be contacted at
  Karen Sánchez
Karen joined the South Seneca School District in 2002 as a Spanish teacher.  As her job entails promoting the use of foreign languages and cultural experiences, joining Yorkers Club seemed like a natural fit.   Karen is also involved with the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers and previously served on their Board of Directors.
If you would like to contact Karen, email her at