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Early Intervention

Early Intervention 
Serves Students Birth - Age 3
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The New York State Early Intervention Program (EIP) is part of the national Early Intervention Program for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.

Referral Process:

  • Parents / Guardians who have concerns regarding their child's development should contact the Early Intervention (EIP) office in which they live

  • After referral, your child will be evaluated by qualified professionals

  • EIP will help coordinate services for students who are found to be eligible

  • Development of Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

  • 6 Month IFSP Review

  • Transition Plan 

    Early Intervention Steps Chart

Seneca County Health Department          Schuyler County Health Department     

31 Thurber Drive, Suite 1                                                                              Mill Creek Center
Waterloo, New York 13165-1660                                                              106 South Perry Street
Main: 315-539-1920                                                                                         Watkins Glen, NY 14891
Fax: 315-539-9493                                                                                            Main:  607-535-8140 

Early Intervention Services

The Early Intervention Program offers a variety of therapeutic and support services to eligible infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families, including:

  • family education and counseling, home visits, and parent support groups
  • special instruction
  • speech pathology and audiology
  • occupational therapy
  • physical therapy
  • psychological services
  • service coordination
  • nursing services
  • nutrition services
  • social work services
  • vision services
  • assistive technology devices and services
Important Information

Early Intervention (EI) services can help you and your family:

  • Learn the best ways to care for your child;
  • Support and promote your child's development; and
  • Include your child in family and community activities.
Early Intervention services can be provided anywhere in the community where your child typically spends their day, including:
  • Your home;
  • Child care center or family day care home that your child attends;
  • Community/recreational centers, play groups, playgrounds, libraries, or any place parents and young children go for fun and support; and
  • Early childhood programs and centers, such as Early Head Start.
Cost / Payments
  • Health insurance, including private insurance and Medicaid, may be used to pay for early intervention services. EIP services must be provided at no cost to you and will not affect your insurance coverage.  

Common Acronyms
EI Early Intervention
EIO Early Intervention Official
EIP Early Intervention Program
IFSP Individualized Family Service Plan
ISC Initial Service Coordinator
MDE Multidisciplinary Evaluation
OSC Ongoing Service Coordinator

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